DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

This smart pool cleaner also features Bluetooth connectivity for easy operation. However, it is expensive but worth buying if you have an extended pool that requires regular cleaning. 

And I guess you’re not interested in wasting your hours cleaning the pool, right? 

But if you’ve landed here, then probably you want to know about the perk of having this automatic pool cleaner like Dolphin. Let’s together take a glance over the features and key specifications so that you can decide easily to buy or not to buy. 


Product Specifications:

Key Specifications 
Weight  24.6lbs
Pool Scanning Yes
Pool Type In-ground pool up to 50 feet
Mobility Tracks
Swivel Cable Yes
Pool Coverage Floor, walls, waterlines
Filter Type Top-loading dual cartridges
Remote Control Yes, and Bluetooth connectivity
Programmable Cycles No
Weekly Scheduler Yes

Dolphin Sigma Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner is amongst the top-notch performing automatic cleaner for ground, superior surfaces, wall cleaning, and waterline cleaning. An intelligent navigation system is worthier to have, especially when you need to clean the pool ground. This robotic pool cleaner provides you with effortless cleaning and lets you maintain your pool easily. 

This pool cleaner comes with Bluetooth remote control to spice up the cleaning, which helps operate the device effortlessly. Its dual filter mechanism and amazing suction power clean up even the most stubborn dirt particles from the pool ground.

It is ideal for small and large pools. The quick tracking mobility allows it to cover almost all pool parts, including waterlines, floors, and walls. So, it would be your one-stop solution to handle all the cleaning mess.


How Efficiently Does It Clean the Pool?

Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner has scanning feature, quick navigation, and advanced dual rotating brushes, which allow you to clean the pool conveniently. Sigma is engineered for quick cleaning work and to complete one cleaning cycle in a 60 feet long pool within 2.5 hours. Less than you waste hours in cleaning the pool manually. 

Also, the advanced tracking system lets this cleaner climb on the wall of pools and go deep down the pool ground and other areas easily to ensure perfect cleaning. 

Smart Features 

When I refer to Dolphin Sigma as the automatic pool cleaner, it amazes me with its smart features that combine technology and power to take care of the swimming pool. The features are impressive and cornered impressively to catch our pain areas. 

. Pool Scanner 

This smart feature quickly does a scan to know where the stubborn dirt is present in the pool. With this, cleaning becomes easier and allows the cleaner to target the dirt area easily. Even the minor dirt can’t skip from this powerful scanner. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity 

It features Bluetooth connectivity and remote control that let you operate the device easily from a distance. The Bluetooth connectivity troubles you at the start, but it works efficiently once connected. 

  • Gyroscopic Navigation System 

A gyroscopic navigation system lets your robotic pool cleaner move in the right direction. The quick scanner and navigation system create a robust combination of technology that lets you target even the toughest corner of the pool easily. 

  • Scheduling Function 

This also features an advanced control system and weekly scheduler so you can easily set your cleaner at automatic modes, such as 2x per week. The scheduling function works wonderfully when you want minimum manual efforts. 


The way Dolphin Sigma pool cleaners dive deep into the pool is spectacular. A built-in gyroscope navigation system and tracking type mobility ensure that the robotic cleaner is moving in the right direction. 

But if you combine the immense power of tracking with a jet on the top of the cleaner, it will automatically propel the pool’s water to detect the position and change its momentum. 

This compact robot pool cleaner easily scales up on the roughest surface and provides smooth tracking even on the challenging pool lining.

Energy Efficiency 

We all are concerned about energy-efficient products, especially when we buy electronic items. This Dolphin Sigma robotic cleaner is exactly what we all want. It helps to manage the cleaning work without consuming much energy. Its triple 24V motor setup provides advanced level cleaning with 3000 RPM but doesn’t burden you with heavy electricity bills.

Most smart cleaning devices consume more than 18000-watt power; this Dolphin Sigma cleaner cleans the entire pool by consuming 90% less energy than an ordinary pool cleaner. 

Programmability and Wireless Control 

Sadly, this Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner has no programmability cycle and wireless control system. But it does offer a weekly scheduler that lets you schedule the weekly cleaning timing. In contrast to this, it has a Bluetooth-connected remote control for easy operation. With a weekly scheduler, you can set the cleaning frequency. 

Dual Scrubber

This is the most crucial part of this automatic pool cleaner. The dual scrubber presents downward helpful in scrubbing the walls and ground of the pool at a glance. Dual scrubber brush helps attack the most stubborn algae and dirt particles present on the walls and floor. 

Dual Top-Loading Filters 

Two large top-loading filter canisters hold maximum dirt and other particles, including acorns, nuts, and leaves. However, the small dirt particles like silt and sand drop directly into the filter cartridge. The large filter allows the cleaner to collect all the debris without losing power.

DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner: In a Nutshell

So, there you go with Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner. Here I’ve covered the bells and whistles of this automatic pool cleaner. There’s a lot of reasons to love this little Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner. Its highly brushing system and efficient power, including a fantastic filter cartridge, have everything for powerful cleaning. 

The innovative smart features further ease down the cleaning. In the end, I must say, this Dolphin Sigma is an incredible package of power, compact size, and high cleaning efficiency. 



Pros Cons
Excellent cleaning performance  It’s heavy
Features weekly scheduler for easy cleaning  A bit expensive 
Clean nicely even the most extended pools 
It comes with a three-year warranty period. 
Features top-loading filter cartridge to pull away from the dirt particles 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much time does it take to clean a pool of size 50 feet? 
  2. It takes about 2.5 hours to clean the 50 feet long pool. 
  3. Does this automatic pool cleaner clean the algae deposit on the ground? 
  4. Yes, Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner is designed specifically for pool cleaning. It has scanning features and excellent suction power, which can suck out even the most stubborn algae from the ground. 
  5. Does this cleaner climb the walls of the pool? 
  6. Yes, it can easily climb the walls of the pool for efficient cleaning. 

Bottom Line 

This is all about this powerful robotic pool cleaner. It has fantastic scrubbing power, an energy-efficient model, and a convenient navigation system. If you have a pool of 50 feet in size, then this cleaner is a must to have. Though it is a bit pricey, a must-have device for efficient cleaning. 

This tool has everything, including smart features that take the load off from your shoulders of cleaning the pool. I must say,  Dolphin Sigma Pool Cleaner is something every pool cleaner should have.

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