Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning the pool is shady if you do it manually. But it becomes super easy with Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner. With this versatile automatic cleaner, you can easily clean the toughest stains and algae deposits on the pool ground.

Energy-efficient, excellent suction power, and incredible design make this the first choice of every pool owner. Designed for the in-ground and above-ground pools, and within two hours, it can clean the entire pool.

With so many features, it’s hard to find a robotic cleaning machine that’s sufficient, like Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. What’s more about the CC Plus Cleaner?

Let’s glance at the key specification and other features to decide whether it is worth the price tag.

Key Specifications

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comprises various specifications that are listed below:

Key Specifications
Weight 19 pounds
Pool size 50 feet
Pool type Above-ground and in-ground
Pool coverage Pool surface, walls, and coves
Cleaning time 2 hours
Cleaning type Suction power
Smart features Clever, clean technology, cleaning cycle
Warranty 2.5 years


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus- Detailed information

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a handy automatic pool cleaning machine that helps clean your pool as a sneak peek. The portable machine comes with onboard sensors and clever cleaning technology that detect the pathway of the pool, find out the obstacle, and efficiently clean the pool.

The cleaner can clean a 50 feet size pool in less than two hours. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus can easily climb on the pool walls and reach the corners and above the pool ground for cleaning.

The dual scrubbing brushes help in scratching the dirt and debris for smooth cleaning. It offers excellent suction power that lets you clean the pool without paying hundreds of dollars in a booster pump.

What Type of Pool Does It Clean?

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has an ergonomic design that makes it fit for all pool surfaces. It can clean both in-ground and above-ground pool surfaces efficiently.

It features a patented anti-tangle swivel cable that allows the cleaner to go deep inside the pool and clean each corner.

Furthermore, it offers intense pressure and 8x times better suction energy that helps to pull even the toughest stain from the pool. Whether there is hidden dirt in the pool’s corners or sticking on the pool walls, it cleans the pool easily.

There are two large scrubbing brushes present at the bottom of the pool cleaner. These brushes help in removing the grime from the pool surface and sweep the floor easily.

It can pick up small and large debris easily and even work on the rough texture pool surface.

How Efficiently It Clean the Pool Surfaces?

This robotic pool cleaner comes with Clever Clean technology that helps in cleaning the pool without human interaction. You can set the timer, and it is ready to clean. The Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner has the finest filtering capacity that easily traps dirt and debris and locks it into the bin.

Additionally, due to its ergonomic design, it can reach each pool corner to pull out the dirt particles and leave behind the crystal-clear water.

Smart Features

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus includes smart features that allow you to clean the pool even in your absence. The smart features further make the cleaning process easier than before.

Clever Clean Technology

Nautilus CC Plus is an ideal pool cleaner that works excellently on Gunite style and tiles type pool cleaner. Features with clever, clean technology and a robust navigation system help reach the corners of the pools without causing any problem. The smart navigation system is further helpful in detecting the obstacles that come in the cleaning pathway.

Weekly Scheduler

If you think that cleaning the pool is a cumbersome job, then this automatic pool cleaner is the right choice for smart cleaning. This pool cleaner comes with a weekly scheduler that helps clean the pool easily, and you don’t need to worry about the cleaning at all.

The patented tangle-free swivel cord can reach the most extended region of the pools and clean it nicely. The pool cleaner offers excellent suction power that allows for cleaning the toughest dirt particles easily.

Built-In Filtering System

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a built-in filtering system that ensures fine cleaning and sets all the dirt particles into the large-size filtering cartridge. You don’t need to buy a separate booster cleaner or filtering pump to enhance the cleaning power.

Easy to Maintain

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool cleaner is very easy to clean. With minimal effort, you can clean the cleaner, and the best part is it doesn’t require much maintenance. Though it has a filtering cartridge that requires cleaning, it won’t be that difficult.

It comes with an extended warranty period of 30 months, so you enjoy free repairing and maintenance services timely without paying any extra charge. Due to its compact size it doesn’t consume much space in your yard and is easy to store.

Simple Installation

This robotic pool cleaner is designed to install hassle-free, and anyone can easily install it. A manual instruction book is given in the box, which lets you install this device easily, and it will be ready to clean the pool within a few minutes.

Energy Efficiency

If you think that the robotic pool cleaner can break your back with heavy electricity bills, then don’t be. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner is highly energy-efficient and doesn’t consume much energy, and it runs on less than a 200-watt power supply for effortless cleaning. So, it won’t cost you back-breaking electricity bills.


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pros/Cons

Pros Cons
Dual scrubbing brushes ensure effortless cleaning Inconvenient to lift
It takes less than two hours to complete cleaning of 50 feet size pool Expensive
Goes deep inside the pool and reaches the corners easily.
Large filtering cartridge to carry all the dirt and debris
Scheduler for scheduling the cleaning time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner effective for above-pool ground cleaning?

A. Yes, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner is efficient in cleaning above-pool ground cleaning. This is also designed to clean the in-ground pool and easily clean all the corners without manual efforts.

Q. How much time does it take to clean the 50 feet size swimming pool?

A. This versatile robotic pool cleaner takes only two hours to clean the 50 feet size swimming pool. This is highly energy-efficient and has great suction power to clean even the toughest corner of the pool. If you have a pool less than 50 feet in size, then it takes less than 2 hours to clean the pool.

Q. Does Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner have cleaning timer settings?

A. Yes, it has a cleaning timer setting that helps you set the time for the cleaning and let it clean the pool even in your absence.

Bottom Line

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the best robotic cleaner to have at this price tag. It is meant for in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning. Now, with this cleaner, the cleaning work never seems to be fishy. Just set the timer and do the cleaning job on this cleaner.

In addition to this, you receive a 2.5 years warranty. It is ideal for cleaning all types of pool surfaces and easily climbing on the stairs. If you want to save your time and money, then this pool cleaner is a must-have machine for smooth pool cleaning.

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