Suction Pool Cleaners-A Detailed Guide

Vacuuming the pool, scrubbing pool sidewalls, and keeping it crystal clear can be a tedious job. However, it is crucial to keep your pool clean and fit it for swimming. But you don’t need to juggle with the pool maintenance when you have suction pool cleaners.

They are automatic pool cleaners that help clean the pool with minimum effort and are cheaper than others. Investing in such pool cleaners can make the task easier and allow you to do pool cleaning effortlessly.

If you’re planning to have the best suction pool cleaners but have vague thoughts in mind, have a look at this detailed guide.

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What Are Suction Pool Cleaners?

Suction side pool cleaners are a type of automatic cleaners that are designed to clean the pool smoothly. The cleaner is connected to the suction side of the pool filtration system, the side from where water is being sucked out for filtering. However, some pools may have a separate suction connection which is designed exclusively for sufficient pool cleaning.

The suction will move the entire cleaner around the pool for picking up debris with the help of a hose and dig them into the filter.

These kinds of pool cleaners are great for in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning. Some of the suction pool cleaners come with wheel drivers for greater mobility and extended reach.

How Do Suction Pool Cleaners Work?

The suction pool cleaners work similarly to vacuum cleaners, and this device constitutes the suction hose which helps in sucking all the debris and dirt particles from the walls and floor. However, the cleaning may also depend on the features and versatility of the pool cleaner.

The suction pool cleaners are attached to the hose and pool skimmer from the water filtered out, and this offers excellent suction to clean the pool. There is a different type of suction pool cleaners available, so cleaning of the pool will depend on the type of functionality and features offered by the pool cleaners.

How Effective are Suction Pool Cleaners?

The pool suction cleaners are highly effective in cleaning all kinds of pools. They come with the self-adjusting flow control valve that helps regulate water flow for maximum performance. Some pool cleaners feature scrubbers at the bottom, and it helps in scrapping the algae from the pool ground.

The suction hose helps suck out the dirt and debris out of the pool and throw it into the filter. The hoes are connected to the dedicated suction line and skimmer of the pool, so you don’t need to install a separate pipeline to operate the cleaner.

Above ground, suction pool cleaners come with a deflector wheel that allows greater agility to clean the narrow corners of the pool. The suction pool cleaners clean the entire pool and collect all the dirt particles, including hair, dirt, sand and even small insects.

It features big-size pool cleaners that help easily pick up most of the dirt particles at one time. Best is, it is effective in cleaning above-ground and in-ground pool cleaning and very convenient to use and install.

What Types of Pools Do Suction Pool Cleaners Clean?

Side suction pool cleaners are designed for cleaning both in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning. These cleaners come with wheels at the base that help to move into the pool easily. Moreover, it can easily climb on the pool walls for effortless cleaning.

The pool cleaner relies on the pool pump with excellent suction power to pick up the debris. The long hose can easily connect to the skimmer region just above the water intake valve.

This cleaner is water-based that moves around the pool in a determined pattern to clean it efficiently. It can cover a wide area of the pool and clean the pool within no time.

Top Suction Pool Cleaner Brands?

Some of the top brands that offer suction pool cleaners are as follows:

Dolphin Suction Pool cleaners:

Dolphin is one of the biggest brands that offer the best side suction pool cleaners for perfect pool cleaning. This brand offers bio suction pool cleaners that feature a built-in Gyro for advanced navigation tangle-free cable and deliver greater suction power.

In addition to this, the company offers top-of-the-line automatic suction pool cleaners that effectively clean pools without manual efforts.

Hayward Suction Pool cleaners

The second big name of the brand that delivers the best suction pool cleaners is Hayward. It offers patented features such as self-adjusting turbine vanes and many other marvelous cleanings. The suction pool cleaners offered by the Hayward are designed for top-class performance and effectively clean in-ground and above-ground pools.

Hayward Aquanaut suction pool cleaner is amongst the best in-ground pool cleaners to buy. Likewise, there are many more models offered by this brand which you can choose easily.

Zodiac Suction Pool cleaners

The third top-most brand offers the best automatic suction pool cleaners. The Zodiac MX6 is a newly introduced suction pool cleaner with a long hose and wheels for smooth motion and effortless pool cleaning. This brand always offers the handiest yet powerful automatic pool cleaners that help to reduce your labor work.

Pentair Suction Pool cleaners

If you need the best in-ground suction pool cleaners, then Pentair is the best brand to have. It offers the best automatic pool cleaner, especially suction-style pool cleaners that help clean the pool very well. Kreepy Krauly side suction pool cleaner is the best cleaner offered by this brand.

However, that’s not the only type of cleaner provided by Pentair. You can explore the whole new range of Pentair suction pool cleaners on the website.

People May Also Ask

  1. Robotic vs. Suction pool cleaners; which one is best?
  2. Both types of cleaning are best on their own. The robotic pool cleaners are great for in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning, and they run automatically and have a scheduler to plan your cleaning accordingly. At the same time, a suction pool cleaner is also great for both types of pool cleaning. It utilizes the suction power to clean the pool and pick up the dirt and debris by its own.

The suction pool cleaner is a worthier and cheap option as it harnesses the power of water to clean the pool. So, it would be great to have.

  1. Is suction pool cleaners energy efficient?
  2. Yes, these are highly energy-efficient and great for cleaning pools above ground and in-ground.
  3. What is the ideal suction power needed to clean the pool with a suction pool cleaner?
  4. Ideally, 30 psi pressure is great for cleaning the pool with a suction pool cleaner.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Suction Pool Cleaner?

Suction-side pool cleaners are mid-range automatic cleaners that are great for pool cleaning, and it helps to make cleaning the pool fun and smoother. As far as cleaning the pool is a concern, then this is something you just need to buy.

It doesn’t cost you like an advanced automatic cleaner, but it is no less than the powerful robotic cleaners that offer great cleaning. These suction-based pool cleaners come with various features such as a long hose, wheel drives, and navigation system, ensuring smooth and effortless cleaning.

Thus, having the suction pool cleaner can be helpful to keep your pool clean with minimum effort. However, the final decision is yours, which you want to have. But if you have wanted a pool cleaner on a budget, this is a must to buy.

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