Best Pool Heaters for Inground Pools: Top Picks to Keep Your Pool Warm

Do you dare to swim into the pool when it’s freezing outside? There are days when pool water is warm enough to jump into the pool to take a cosy bath. But the idea of taking a dip into the pool is madness when it’s cold.

But a pool heater can allow you to swim in all seasons. The pool heaters are sufficient enough to maintain the ideal temperature for swimming.

However, buying a pool heater can be an expensive deal but worthwhile to extend the swimming season. But finding the best pool heater can be daunting. You’ve to consider many factors such as pool size, heating capacity, and a lot more.

Thus, to help you out, we’ve shortlisted here some of the best pool heaters for inground pools that are selected after deep research. Let’s dive in to read reviews.

How Have We Made the List?

The aim is to avoid the hassles of exploring too many pool heaters. This is why we’ve curated the list of best pool heaters by considering many features. We connected with the experts of the inground pool heaters to know their opinion about the selected models.

Moreover, we also researched various fuel resources of the heaters. Plus, dig out all the reviews on Amazon to know about the buyer’s experience of having these pool heaters. Last but not least, we considered the customer services and product quality.

After going through everything, we find that these are the best pool heaters to buy. We assure you that the listed models are of top ratings and receive a positive response from the buyers.

Let’s read about the reviews of the selected products to make the right decision.

Best Pool Heaters for Inground Pool Heaters Reviews

Here is the list of our top-rated best pool heaters for inground pools. Let’s read about them and buy a good one that helps heat your pool incredibly.

1.     Hayward W3H250FDP Universal H-Series Pool Heater for In-Ground Pools: Best Overall


Starting the list with this  Haywabest propane pool heater for the inground pool.rd W3H250FDP is a highly efficient pool heart that helps heat the pool water. This Universal H-series is eco-friendly and provides a 2,50000 BTU rate to heat the extended pools.

This portable pool heater for the inground pool delivers super hydraulic performance and saves energy. Its heating plates are made with Cupro Nickel State of the art Finn, which improves the heater’s durability. It doesn’t rust easily, so you can expect to have a long-lasting performance.

Furthermore, it features a forced draft combustion system that constantly moves the air out through its combustion chamber. This will help eliminate the outside weather variables that can affect heating efficiency.

The heater is capable of heating extended pools. Due to its compact design, it doesn’t consume much space and easily fits near the poolside. Moreover, it comes with an L.E.D digital control panel, allowing you to operate the heater easily. This will be a sure-shot solution to extend your swimming season.

Its thermal efficiency is more than 80%, so you don’t need to wait longer to heat pool water and enjoy a warm cozy bath.


  • Efficient heating capacity and good for heating large size pools
  • Consume less energy and has a digital control panel
  • Rust-resistant heating plates which give exceptional performance
  • Highly portable and eco-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • No customer supports
  • Installation is a bit trickier

2.     Raypak 266,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient



Stop your search here if you are looking for the best natural gas pool heater for an inground pool. Raypak is a highly powerful gas-based heater that delivers the best performance and allows you to heat the pool accurately. Since this pool heater works on natural gas, you don’t need to worry about energy consumption.

Moreover, it has a portable size, so it efficiently fits the small space. It comes with an LCD digital display that shows the accurate temperature for smooth operation. With this LCD control panel, you can also monitor energy consumption.

Its ergonomic design made it highly wind-resistant to deliver maximum performance. Another best thing about this best gas pool heater for inground pool is it delivers 2,66,000 BTU power which is exceptional on its own. Due to this exceptional heating capacity, it can heat the entire pool faster than regular heaters.

The model is highly eco-friendly and affordable too. Furthermore, the outer frame of the heaters is durable and long-lasting. The thing that made us gaze at this heater is that it monitors operational status and service diagnostics.

So, you set free from the repairing and monitoring hassles as it automatically alerts you when it is the right time to repair.


  • Maximum heating performance and good for large pools
  • Easy monitoring of operational status and services diagnostics
  • Energy-efficient and has a portable size that fits any space
  • 2,66,000 BTU for incredibly fast heating
  • Reliable and durable


  • Fuel filling hassles
  • Leakages issues observed

3.     Hayward W3H150FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool: Best for Heating Pool Up to 400 sq. ft.


If you are searching for the best natural gas pool heater for an inground pool, then Hayward W3H150FDN is the right model to pick up.

This is best for in-ground pools with a surface area of up to 400 sq. ft. Since it runs on natural gas, it doesn’t cause an impact on the environment. This is why it remains on the hit list of eco-friendly pool heaters.

It delivers 1,50,000 BTU heating power for premium performance for fast premium heating. Its super-compact design and high-quality frame made it work longer for years.

Above this, it is highly energy-efficient and has an ergonomic design that lowers the circulation pump run time.

This is why it can save extra energy, which in turn helps to save fuel cost. Very easy to use, and installation won’t give you pain.

More than that, it is easy to maintain and provides corrosion protection. Due to this, it helps to prevent premature failure, which is caused by an unbalanced water pH level. Overall, this is one of the best natural gas pool heaters for the inground pool to buy at this price.


  • Industry-leading design that improves the working efficiency
  • Corrosion protection and premature failure protections
  • Premium performance and able to heat the entire pool
  • Ideal for spas and inground pools with surface area up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Energy saver and easy to use


  • No warranty given
  • Maintenance issues and fuel efficiency can be better

4.     Raypak Digital 200,000 BTU, Natural Gas, Pool Heater: Best energy Efficient Pool Heater


Raypak digital natural gas pool heater for inground pool is best to buy. This is highly energy-efficient and has delivered remarkable performance over the years. So, it could be a long-term investment for the buyers who want to extend the swim season.

Like another model of Raypak, this has exceptional efficiency in heating the large pools. It provides 2,00,000 BTU heating efficiency, which is huge than expected. So, this means you are going to have maximum heating capacity.

It features the LCD digital display control panel. This helps to monitor the temperature and provide accurate information about the temperature.

Moreover, you get the same monitor operational status and service diagnostic feature to track the timing of the service.

It also has high-wind resistance to work efficiently and provides high heating power. This is great for both the large and small pool sizes.

This heater is designed for residential and commercial-style pools. This comes with electrical ignition, allowing you to light up the heater quickly.

The digital thermostat helps to monitor the temperature. Last but not least, it has high fuel efficiency and condensation protection to have maximum heating.

In our opinion, this would be the best eco-friendly and high-energy-efficient pool heater for a large pool size.


  • Maximum heating efficiency and high-wind resistance
  • Condensation protection to use the fuel to the fullest
  • Electrical ignition for easy light up
  • Services diagnosing features to detect service time
  • Digital thermostat and control panel


  • Couldn’t find any

5.     Raypak 406,000 Btu Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater: Ideal for Large Pools


So, here is one more Raypak natural gas pool heater, which is excellent for heating the oversize pools. This pool heater features Cupro-Nickel plates engineered to perform till heat. It is rust-resistant and offers remarkable heating performance. Its design is incredible and highly portable, so that you can fit this into any space.

We found unique is its pagoda design, which enables this heater to stay effective even during high wind conditions.

Plus, the cabinet of this pool heater for the inground pool is constructed with highly galvanized metal.

This is why it remains rust-proof for longer, and its element remains functional for longer. Additionally, this natural gas heater is easy to operate and install. You get the built-in microprocessor-controlled thermostat to achieve perfect temperature with just a single push.

Another exceptional thing about this pool heater is it has remote compatibility. This pool heater is designed for convenient and effortless performance. It features a built-in diagnosing control alert, which helps you check the issues and find the fault quickly for repairs.

It is energy-efficient and conserves gas for longer, which eventually helps to save a lot of money.


  • Highly energy efficient and give long-lasting performance
  • The built-in microprocessor is great to control the temperature
  • Galvanized metal plates to improve the durability
  • Pagoda design that helps to increase its working efficiency
  • 4,06,000 BTU power for heating large pools


  • Only 90 days warranty
  • It is pricier

6.     Raypak Digital Low NOx Natural Gas 399000 BTU Pool Heater 9243: Best Efficient Natural Gas Pool Heater



Do you want the best cheap pool heater for an inground pool? Then Raypak digital low NOx natural gas pool heater is an ideal option to buy. It has energy-efficient designs and is eco-friendly. This has low NOx, so it doesn’t affect the environment. Besides that, it delivers the 3,99,000 BTU heating power to be perfect for heating extended pools.

Like other models of the Raypak, you get the services diagnostic and operational status feature. With this, you get quick alerts about the service’s time and easily detect the fault. Besides that, it is highly compatible with almost all kinds of swimming pool control.

It has remote system compatibility, so you can efficiently operate it without hassles. Moreover, it has an LCD digital control panel that provides accurate temperature.

Its pagoda design makes it more energy-efficient and allows it to resist the wind. Due to this, it can provide maximum performance without consuming much energy.

As it runs on natural gas, it won’t harm the environment. It has an electrical ignitor which helps to light up easily. If you need an energy-efficient pool heater, it is worthier to have as it delivers maximum performance.


  • Quick services notification is great for tracking services time
  • The LCD control panel is excellent for monitoring temperature
  • Remote system compatibility for easy operation
  • Heating power is great for heating the large pool
  • Rust-resistant design for long-lasting performance


  • Installation hassles
  • It consumes time to heat the pool

7.     Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater: Best for Large-sized Inground Pools


Hayward W3H400FDN is a perfect pool heater for inground a pool having a surface area of up to 12000 ft. The source of energy is natural gas, so it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment and makes it ideal for the spa zones and pools where low NOx is needed.

The Universal H-series pool heater delivers 4,00,000 BTU, sufficient for a heating extra large pool. Since it is protected from corrosion and unbalanced water chemistry, it will offer long-lasting performance. Apart from this, the Universal H-series pool heater for the inground pool is extremely easy to use.

It comes with an intuitive front control panel with which you can control the operation of the pool easily. Moreover, its services and maintenance are easy, so you don’t need to worry about repairing hassles. Its industry-leading design is helpful to reduce the circulation run time which further allows you to save energy.

It features a forced draft combustion system that continually moves air through its combustion chamber. This will further help eliminate the weather variables which affect the heating efficiency. So, it would be worth investing to extend the swimming season.


  • Energy-efficient and forced draft combustion system
  • Excellent hydraulic performance to save maximum energy
  • Long-lasting performance and withstand for a longer time in unbalanced water pH level
  • 4,00,000 BTU for excellent heating


  • No technical support
  • Hardware is not so weatherproof

Do Pool Heaters Consume a Lot of Energy?

Energy consumption depends on the type of pool heater you choose. Electric and natural gas pool heaters require electrical connections and gas connections, increasing your utility bills.

At the same time, propane pool heaters run on propane gas. It doesn’t require any gas line connection, so it will not affect the utility bills.

They are highly energy-efficient and help to save a lot of energy. However, electricity-based pool heaters are not very energy efficient.

How Effective is a Solar Pool Heater for a Heating Pool?

Solar heaters eliminate the fuel requirement as they run on solar energy. It takes a longer time to heat the pool with the help of a solar pool heater. The heating efficiency is directly related to the amount of sunlight it receives.

This is why the solar pool heater for the inground pool is effective in those geographical areas where sunlight is available in all seasons. However, their working efficiency is reduced when clouds and solar panels are not receiving enough sunlight.


Buyers Guides- What to Consider When You Buy the Pool Heaters for Inground Pool Heaters

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you are buying the pool heaters for the inground pool. Take a look at the key things that help decide which pool heater is best to heat the pool water.

  1. Type of Pool Heater

The foremost thing you need to check is the type of pool heater you want. There are three different types of pool heaters available which are as follows:

  • Electric Pool Heater– This run-on electricity and delivers high BTU power. However, these are not energy efficient and may cost you extra.
  • Natural Gas Pool Heater– These are highly energy-efficient and ideal for heating small and large pools.
  • Solar Powered Pool Heater- This run-on solar power and is highly energy efficient. This is good for heating small pools.

Depending on your need, you can select any pool heater. However, natural pool heaters might be the best choice for excellent heating.

  1. Size of the Pool

The pool size does matter when you are buying the pool heater for an inground pool. Some pool heaters can heat small pools and cover small areas, while some can heat large pools.

So, do ensure to check the size of the pool before you pick the pool heater for your pool.

  1. Heating Efficiency/ BTU Output

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and each pool heater provides you with some BTU ratings that show its heating efficiency. The BTU rating ranges between 1,50,000 to 4,00,000 and even more.  BTU is enough to heat 8.3 pounds of water into the pool.

So, you can calculate by multiplying the pool’s water capacity with BTU to get an idea about how much BTU output would be excellent for your pool.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly are also important to check before you finalize the pool heater for inground pools.

Most of the gas-based pool heaters and solar-powered heaters are energy efficient. It not only helps save energy but is also helpful in cutting down the cost of fuel. So, make sure to consider the energy efficiency while buying.

  1. Rust Resistance and Durability

Last but not least, you need to consider its ability to resist corrosion. Pick up those models that are highly resistant to the ruse and galvanized. It not only helps to protect it from rusting but also enhances the durability of the pool heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do solar-powered pool heaters for inground pools work in the cold season?
  2. Yes, the solar-powered pool heaters are great to heat the pool heater. However, these are not that efficient in the heating pool as an electric pool heater and natural gas-based pool heaters can do.

In winters, sunlight is not available all the time due to foggy conditions. So, solar-powered heaters don’t charge sufficiently to heat pools.

  1. How much time does a pool heater take to warm up the pool water?
  2. The heating time may vary from model to model. Also, the heating time depends on the size of the pool and the temperature outside.

However, the average time to heat the entire pool is between 24 hours. But avoid overnight heating of the pool as it may invite accidents and overheating pool water.

  1. What are the most eco-friendly pool heaters for an inground pool?
  2. Although all kinds of pool heaters are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, solar-powered pool heaters for inground pools are highly eco-friendly. However, they are not sufficient to heat the entire pool within one go.
  3. How to improve the shelf-life of the pool heaters?
  4. Pool heaters for inground pools constantly contact the moisture and environment. So, they are prone to damage due to rust. There are chances of leaking the gas pipes in gas pool heaters, and in electric heaters, wires and heating coils may get damaged.

To protect your pool heater for longer, you can follow these steps:

  • Timely repair your pool heaters. Ensure to check leakage, brake wires, and parts to be replaced.
  • Maintain the ideal pH of the pool because disturbed pH can lead to rusting and oxidize the metallic parts.
  • Check for breakages and prevent backflow of the water from the heater.


The pool heaters for inground pools are an excellent choice to extend out the swimming season. However, the pool heater is not something you buy every year as this can be expensive. You need to make the right purchasing decision by considering your heating needs and efficiency.

So, we hope this review guide helps you choose the right option. Using the pool heaters will never miss swimming, even in cold weather. To make a better purchasing decision, you can select one from the listed models.

If you don’t want to settle on selected options, follow the buying guide and choose the best pool heater for the inground pool.

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