Best Pool Heater for Above-Ground Pool : Top Picks to Keep Your Pool Warm

Who dares to swim into the cold-water swimming pool? I guess nobody wants such an adventurous dive into the pool during winter. How about dipping into the warm body soothing water?

Believe it or not, you can extend your swimming season by using the best pool heaters for above-ground pools. By installing an above-ground pool heater in your pool, you can enjoy swimming in hot water.

However, with lots of options of above-ground pool heaters, choosing the best that suits your pool type is a real challenge.

Which pool heater is ideal for the large pool size? Is it energy efficient? Is there any solar-based pool heater available? How much time does it take to heat the pool water? Too many questions?

Here are the right answers to all of your questions in this post. Plus, we’ve narrowed down the list of the five best above-ground pool heaters? So, take a sneak peek and get the ideal one easily.

How We Selected the Best Pool Heaters for Above Ground Pools

To help you find the best above-ground pool heater, we’ve done all the research part by yourself. We grounded to the expert advice to list the best pool heaters for above-ground pools. Then, we move to select the energy-efficient models.

We consider the expert advice and combine the customer’s reviews to make the layout of all the best pool heaters. Moreover, we also keep an eye on the price points to ensure that it fits the budget of everyone. We also consider the top reputable brands of pool heaters.

We try to sort out all the questions with the buyer’s perception, so you don’t feel hassles choosing the best pool heater model from our review list. After reading the reviews, we assure you that you have picked up the ideal option for your pool.

Why Do You Need to Invest in Above-Ground Pool Heaters?

Now some may say, why make such a huge investment in above-ground swimming pool heaters? As you know, winter is here, and there’s nothing better than having a warm and comfortable swim in the pool. But the only thing that stops you is that extremely cold water.

However, if you have an above-ground pool heater, you can easily enjoy swimming in warm pool water in any season. When installing the above-ground pool heaters, you don’t get that chilling bumps on the skin when dipping into cold water.

Here are some more reasons which suggest installing pool heaters in above-ground pools.

  • Extend the Swimming Seasons

By installing the pool heater, you can easily extend the swimming season and use the pool longer. Pools without a pool water heater in winters are useful, and you need to close down the pools.

But not anymore because you’ve got the best pool heaters for above-ground pools, which keep your pool water warm and let you enjoy swimming throughout the season.

  • Relief From the Stress

There’s no other way to kick out stress than relaxing in a warm water pool. Diving into the warm water pool can help to relieve stress.

  • Relaxed Muscles and Joints

A hot water bath is more rejuvenating and revitalizing than cold water. And as per the medical science, hot water bath is helpful to reduce muscle stiffness.  So, if you are installing the above-ground pool heaters, you’ll be able to relax your muscles and joints.

You no longer need to stress about stiff muscles. Moreover, it is helpful to get relief from muscles ache and body pain.

Best Above Ground Pool Heaters for Sale

Here are the top-rated above-ground pool heaters which we’ve selected.

  1. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools (Best for small pools)


Fafco solar bear heating systems are the best if you need solar above-ground pool heaters. Over the years, this solar-powered heating system has been in great demand for pool water heating. Highly energy-efficient and easy to install.

It comes with six mounting straps and rubber plugs which helps install it easily. It comes with a pool pump to circulate the pool water from its heated solar collector. This provides optimal heating efficiency when there is enough sunlight.

It works excellently when tilted to 30 degrees to the South. The entire solar pool heating system is made with UV stabilized polyethylene which is extremely tough and resistant to wear and tear damage.

It comes with an installation manual, so you don’t feel hassles installing it. Overall, it’s a great solar-powered above-ground pool heater that you can buy to extend the swimming season.


  • It is very easy to install and comes with an instruction manual
  • It comes with 10 years extended warranty which is huge
  • Works ideally in the sunny region where sunlight is available
  • UV stabilized solar panel durable and long-lasting
  • It can be mounted on the ground


  • This is not ideal for an extremely cold region
  • Not for large pool size


  1. Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater Above Ground   (Best for above-ground and in-ground)


Goplus is one of the best solar pool heaters for 21 rounds above ground. Its unique dome shape structure makes it ideal for placing above ground for heating pool water. The best thing is that you don’t need to have an electricity or gas connection to run it. It is eco-friendly and ideal for heating a small pool.

This solar dome swimming pool heater helps save energy and is made with premium material which is why it lasts longer with you. A protective shield is included in the solar panel to protect its dome from the external environment.

It works excellently in a region where sunlight is available in huge quantities. Moreover, it comes with 1.5 inches hoses for the circulation of water. It is very easy to install and has a space-saver design. The only downside is it doesn’t work when sunlight is not adequate.


  • Eco-friendly and helpful in heating the pool water excellently
  • Maintain the comfortable temperature for the last longer
  • Save saver aesthetic design as compared to other solar panel heaters
  • Protective shield and ideal for heating pool water for small above ground pools
  • Easy to install


  • 5 inches hose is not sufficient for water circulation
  • Doesn’t work in low sunlight or when it’s raining.


  1. XtremepowerUS 90105-V Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Panel Heating System (Best solar base pool heater for above-ground pools)


XtremepowerUS is a great solar above-ground pool heater that helps extend the swimming season. The solar-based pool water heater is safe for usage and easy to install. It is made with high-grade material which will last longer with you. This features a quick connecting design that allows you to assemble this above-ground pool water heater easily.

You can use the quantity of the solar panel depending on your needs, such as the size of the pool, location and temperature. The pool heater system is installed over the roof of the house, cabana, and shed. This comes with the mounting rack, which you place above the ground and enjoys pool water heating.

This best above-ground pool heater works excellently in those areas where sunlight is available in adequate quantity. The only downside of the pool heater is heating efficiency is reduced if sunlight is not available.


  • Energy saver and excellent for heating pool water of small pools
  • Made with durable and long-lasting UV stabilized material
  • It can heat the pool water 20% faster than other solar-based pool heaters
  • Easy to install and simple design which can be mounted anywhere
  • Quick connecting design and assemble faster


  • You need a maximum quantity of solar panels for heating the large pool
  • Sunlight is the limitation


  1. NICCOLO 9KW 380V Electric Pool Water Heater ( Ideal for all location and in-ground and above-ground pools)


NICCOLO is amongst the worthier electric pool heaters for above-ground pools. It has a thermostat which is especially helpful in heating the 1981 gallon of pool water. Moreover, it features a sensitive temperature sensor that helps detect the pool water’s ideal temperature.

The best thing about this above-ground pool heater is you can manually set the temperature that suits you the most. Moreover, it is extremely safe to use. It features multiple protection systems which automatically shut down the heater if there is a lack of water.

This helps avoid any hazardous conditions. Above this, you can manually set the temperature of the pool water. Also, the self-checking system helps monitor the temperature fluctuation and maintain the ideal temperature.

It runs on electricity which means it can quickly heat the pool water and make it ready for swimming in all seasons. If you need the pool heater for an above-ground pool with easy operation and maximum features, this is the best electric pool heater to have.


  • Manual resetting of the temperature is excellent.
  • Automatic temperature maintenance and prevent overheating.
  • It automatic shut down when water isn’t sufficient into the pool
  • Ideal for large and small size pools
  • Last longer and made with highly durable material


  • It is not energy efficient
  • The extra cost of electricity bills


  1. Raypak 206K BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater (best energy-efficient and eco-friendly pool heater for above ground pools)


Raypak above-ground pool heaters are a convenient and effective way of heating the pool water. It operates on natural gas, so it is highly energy-efficient and can provide enough BTU, around 4,06,000 BTUs.

This much heat power is sufficient for heating the pool water even of large pools.

Besides that, this pool heater features a corrosion-resistant galvanized metal frame. Due to this frame, it remains resistant to extreme weather conditions. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for heating the water and doesn’t waste energy.

Furthermore, it comes with electronic pilot ignition, which helps light up the heater easily. This has an electronic digital control panel for easy operation.

This is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. So, if you are thinking of buying a gas-powered above-ground pool heater, this would be an ideal option to have.


  • It is highly compatible with almost all pool kinds
  • Features with a remote system for easy operation
  • The ergonomic design makes it a wind-resistant design
  • Easy to use and energy-efficient.
  • Excellent for all pool sizes and capable of heating water in all seasons.


  • Gas leaking issues observed by some buyers

Buyer’s Guide-Things to Consider in Best Pool Heaters for Above-Ground Pools

It isn’t easy to choose the best above-ground pool heaters out of so many options in the market. We don’t have the option to test and try models as they can be expensive.

More than that, we don’t have much time for experiments.

So, to make the right decision, here are several factors that you need to consider in the best pool heater for above-ground pools. Let’s have a look.

  1. Type of Pool Heater

When you buy the best pool heater for your above-ground pool, the first thing you need to check is the types of pool heaters. There are three kinds of pool heaters available to choose from:

  • Electric Pool Heater– The heaters run on electricity and provide high BTU power for heating pool water.
  • Natural Gas Pool Heater– The heaters run on natural propane gas and are considered highly energy-efficient designs and ideal for heating large pools.
  • Solar Powered Pool Heater- The solar-powered pool heaters are highly energy efficient. This would be an ideal option to choose in those locations where the sunlight is enough.


  1. Heating Efficiency

Your pool has thousands of gallons of water that a standard heater can’t heat up. So, when you buy the best pool heater for above-ground, do check the heating efficiency of the pool heater. Keep in mind that heating efficiency can be affected by pool size, climate condition and many other factors.

So, take a close look at the heating efficiency a pool heater offers for heating a large pool.

  1. Pool Size

Determining the pool’s size can help choose the best above-ground swimming pool heaters. A small pool can stay toasty warm even with a small heater. But for a vast pool, you may need to invest in a bigger heater that can help heat the water ideally.

So, consider the size of the pool before you dive into the marketplace to get the best pool heater.

  1. Energy Efficiency

We want an energy-efficient model that doesn’t cost us extra and is eco-friendly. Many options are available, such as solar-powered above-ground pool heaters and gas-based pool heaters. These are some of the best energy-efficient pool heaters which you can choose.

This helps cut down the cost of fuel and is energy-efficient. At the same time, gas pool heaters are also energy-efficient and an eco-friendly option.

  1. Ease of Installation

Installation is the biggest concern, and nobody wants to be stuck during installation. So, make sure to choose models of pool heaters for above-ground pools that are easy to install. You can also check whether the pool heater has an installation manual for easy setup or not.

  1. Durability

Lastly, consider the durability of the pool heaters. You know that the pool heaters will be exposed to the atmosphere and water. So, make sure to buy those pool heater models that have the power to resist rust. A galvanized heater can also be a great option.

  1. Budget

Lastly, you can keep a tab on your budget. The pool heaters are available in an exclusive range of budget. So, you can consider your budget and then decide which model fits your needs and budget.

Tips to Maintain the Above-Ground Pool Heaters

The above-ground pool heaters are exposed to heat, temperature and water. Above this, the outer atmosphere can damage them. So, it is vital to use them carefully and maintain them. Here are quick tips on the maintenance of the pool heaters.

  • Regularly check the pool heater to fix the broken issues earlier to avoid further damage.
  • Check the rust of the heating coils that dipped into the water. If you see the rusting, immediately clean the pool heater.
  • Maintain the steady flow of water from the heater to avoid blockage and rusting issues
  • If the heater is not in use, clean it thoroughly and dry it. Pack it and keep it on the safe side or away from moisture contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time does it take to heat the pool with the Above-ground pool heater?
  2. Ideally, the pool heaters can take up to 24 hours to heat the pool water of a large pool. However, the time required for heating the pool water depends on the heating efficiency of the pool heater. In general, it would take between 20-24 hours to heat pool water efficiently.
  3. Can we put the pool heater in the above-ground swimming pool?
  4. Yes, just like you use the pool heater in the inground pool, you can use the pool heaters in above-ground swimming pools too. Installation of the above-ground pool heater is pretty simple compared to the in-ground pools.
  5. What size above-ground pool heater is excellent for an extended pool?
  6. The size of the above-ground pool heater will depend on the size of the pool and the amount of water in it. A 24 inches pool heater that delivers 50,000 BTU power efficiently heats 21000 gallons of water. Likewise, if you have a bigger pool, then consider the amount of water and BTU power used to heat the pool water.
  7. Does solar power above ground pool heaters work for heating pool water?
  8. Yes, a solar pool heater for above-ground swimming pools is excellent for heating pool water. This works great in those locations where sunlight is available in abundant quantities. Moreover, these are energy-efficient and help you save energy.

Bottom Line

Having a good above-ground pool heater is the best thing in winter to enjoy swimming. The pool heaters help extend the swimming season. More than that, it gives you a reason to enjoy a long swimming season. In a nutshell, these are some of the best pool heaters for above-ground pools available right now.

We selected this right from the search corner and dug deeper. So, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading the guide. Now, you will be able to decide which of these heaters fit rightly to your norms. To make better choices, you can follow the buyer’s guide.

But in our recommendation, we would like to thumbs up for the

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